Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Have you read about the evolution of the species and how there were transformations in each one of them over the hundreds of thousands of years that life has been known to exist on planet Earth !

Our ancestors were chimps and gorillas or what ever you may prefer to imagine and just look at the improvement that has taken place in all these years , with lots more happening with each passing decade , human beings becoming a highly uncivilized civilization what with the burgeoning efforts on to do one's best to love thy material possessions and do our utmost to use people to meet our selfish ends !

It reminds me of the ancient times when there was a struggle for survival for everything , and that is just what is happening now with modern man having to struggle each day to survive in this complicated world of ours !

I sometimes wonder as to whether the chimps were better off than we are and whether what we are going through with is progression or regression ! Figure that one out for yourself !

Given a choice I would always fancy that simple world of thousands of years gone by , no TV , no computers , no cars , no nothing except nature's beauty and lots and lots of fresh air !!

OH ! For that feeling of fancy free and not a single worry except that life is a magic journey ! I wish i could live in an era wherein this could be possible ! Paradise ! Where art thou ?

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